• A traditional 12’ by 12’ stable will require between 8 and 10 bags to lay the initial bed

• To start a new bed, spread the pellets across the stable floor and use a hose to dampen them

until they begin to break down and fluff up (every 10 kg bag needs around 6 liters of water)

• Alternatively, you can lay the bags down on the stable floor, cut the front of the bag open and add 6

liters of water; wait 15 minutes and empty the expanded bags. Level with a normal shavings fork.

• Dry pellets can be mixed with wet ones and the pellets will only need to be removed occasionally when

they become completely saturated and turn reddish.

• To top up an existing bed you can mix dry pellets into the bed to boost the absorbent capacity.

Wood pellets will soak up urine and burst into a clean new bed. You can decide where to place

the new pellets within the stable depending on where the horse prefers to 'go'

The amount of time you spend cleaning the stable will be greatly reduced due to the high

absorption capacity of the wood pellets

  1. In the case of the bed becoming too dry, spray water on the top with a hose or watering can

"Since using pellets I have saved 50% on the cost of bedding which is remarkable

and great for my business" Brian Hamilton, Co. Down



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Prices Brites Eco Bedding (01/09/13)

1 bag = 10 kg - 1 pallet = 100 bags = 1000 kg

Collected: £2.80

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